Architecture of Early Philadelphia
This section of the website is dedicated to the architecture of Philadelphia and its surrounding region, from its founding in 1682 to the beginning of the American Civil War in 1860.The cutoff date was chosen to exclude (for now) the architecture produced by industrialization and mass production (actually two positive trends in my book - but subjects for a later essay.
I've organized this section by writing a group of pages featuring Philadelphia buildings and illustrated them with my photographs. I've also written pages about broader issues like architectural style and building types which I hope links these buildings together and puts them in a larger context of how Philadelphia grew as a city.

The Walking Tours

I want to arrange many of these buildings together in walking tours - I've begun with a walking tour of the Independence National Historical Park area.

These tours are nod to the several walking tour programs I've volunteered for over the last 25 years, starting with the beloved, and not forgotten, Foundation for Architecture tours which are now offered by the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia. I've used many facts and ideas I've received from, and shared with, my fellow guides from those programs, but the opinions here, and especially any factual mistakes, are of course my own
Navigation should be fairly obvious. The indexes listed at the bottom of this page combined with the tours will get you to any building page in this section. To get back to this page, click on the AEP logo on most pages in the upper left corner. I can be reached at and would love to hear comments and suggestions.