Flanked by two larger homes facing Delancy from the 1760's, the rear units were added onto from the 1760's through the early 1800's. The two Delancy Street houses are mostly Georgian but the rear apartments are utilitarian/vernacular in style. Most of them have one room per floor.
Drinker's Court
c1760's - c1810
Developments like these small houses in a courtyard were found all over the Colonial city but only a few are left today.
While William Penn saw residents settling all around his Green Country Town, it became apparent to early settlers that the port was where the action was. From early days, large lot owners wanted to accumulate land and subdivide to help meet the need for housing within walking distance to the Delaware.

Drinker's Court and a few other locations like Bells Court in Society Hill, Elfreth's Alley and Cuthbert Alley are among the few small residential developments that remain. Some small alleys remain west of the Colonial area which served the growing need for servants in the 19th century.